Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba (DRUG UNIT)

Despise Not The Chastening Of The Lord

Despise Not The Chastening Of The Lord

Scriptural Text

Hebrews 12: 1-10


Whatever the Bible says, we must believe it. It does not change, just the way God does not change. It is meant for us now.

The patients being admitted into the hospital is a springboard for their promotion.

The way the world is now, trust only Jesus Christ.

God has to give you some measure of grace to be able to help someone that is helpless.

We must take stock of our lives. It is not the will of Jesus for anyone to be kept in the hospital.

Your Israel is anywhere that you are that you have peace. Jesus knows what is best for you. He also knows the hearts of your loved ones. If Jesus prefers that you remain in the hospital, humble yourself and give thanks to Him for keeping you here.

Sometimes when we are not able to think deeply, we will begin to complain. God knows your family members  more than you, even things they do not know about themselves.

Anything God has given you, if you are not grateful, you will begin to despise that very thing and God who gave it.

As a patient, you were brought here as God’s way of disciplining you. When God receives you as sons, He allows you to be disciplined. God knows about this hospital, so rejoice! Out of His affectionate love, He arranged for you to be brought here.

Those that have been abandoned should not be discouraged or shrink from Jesus Christ. Anything God has written concerning you will still come to pass. So accept whatever God is doing in your life. You accepting shows humility and meekness.



18 patients were present at today’s fellowship.


When Pastor prayed for those that have been abandoned in the hospital by their families, the Holy Spirit spoke to Pastor that God knows why He is keeping them there. That it is better for them to gain Heaven remaining in the hospital than to go home to their families and be abused and eventually lose their salvation.

We give God all the glory for today’s outreach. Today’s message was indeed a very unique one because most of the patients present were those that were abandoned and hearing this message brought so much comfort to their souls. To God be all the glory. Hallelujah!

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