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Living Like Christ

Living Like Christ

Scriptural Text

Isaiah 49:24

Ephesians 6: 12

2 Cor 10:3-6

A lawful captive is a person that is connected with Jesus Christ but because of sin or disobedience becomes disconnected. They wander away. This is done in the soulish realm. The soulish realm is the realm where we feel emotions.

The soul is to be placed in the brazing altar of God. The soul and the flesh are connected. The soul talks about you alone, it does not point to God. It is selfish.

The reason a theologian says Christians are ungodly is because they react to things. When agents of darkness want to try Christians, they provoke them so that they can react.

God does not want us to react to anything done against us. When people with problems provoke us, God does not want us to react to them.

We must walk and do everything in this life with carefulness.

The soulish realm is where you retaliate to things. We cannot live Godly without the help of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the stamp or guarantee of our Salvation. He is the Spirit of Jesus Christ. He departs from us when we willfully sin.

When we commit sin, the first thing we experience is fear. But when we are in the center of God will, we have boldness and peace

The last category in Ephesians 6:12 is the Spirit Forces of wickedness in the Heavenly or Supernatural Realm.

Jesus Christ is cleaning the whole world up for His Father. He goes right to the next of our problems and removes them.

He wants us to rely on God’s word alone, that is why He is taking away all evil tools, powers and spirit from people.

Jesus Christ is frowning at false prophets that are deceiving people through fake miracles and magic and He is exposing them.

These wicked spirits in the heavenly realm are from the space. One spirit possesses hundreds of thousand other spirits made it, and they are very ugly. When they are breathing, they bring out evil spirits.

When Jesus Christ is allowing certain things to happen in your life, He wants you to learn so you can be wiser and fear God more.

Whatever you experience that does not agree with your spirit will bring troubles.

Mental sickness starts with imaginations and they form images in one’s mind. We must cast down every imagination and high thing that wants to exalt itself against the knowledge of God.

If you allow your imaginations to run wild in your mind, you will begin to relate with those things and those things will become real to you and begin to relate back. We are not supposed to be aware of that realm.

These supernatural forces are not from the earth but are sent to spy on this earth. Most of these spirits look like robots. They are very creative and hyperactive. They have many tails and ears.

When these spirits comes down, Jesus Christ disarms them and they do not go back but end up in the big dustbin made of diamonds and covered with fire till their final judgement.

We give God all the glory for today’s sermon because everyone was very attentive to the word of God preached by Pastor Israel and were all filled with so much joy. Glory be to God.

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