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Healed Of Appendicitis and Promotion At Work

Healed Of Appendicitis and Promotion At Work

I’m here to return all glory to God for helping me get back on my feet. On February 12, while at work, I started feeling severe pains in my stomach. It was so severe that I couldn’t continue my work for the day. I went to the hospital and upon arrival at Ikeja Medical Center, the medical team attended to me. Series of tests and cross-examinations were carried out on me and I was informed that I was suffering from Appendicitis. I was told that a surgery would be carried out on me as soon as possible before the inflamed Appendix ruptures.

I was thereafter admitted and assigned to a bed on the 3rd floor of the hospital. My friend came around to be with me. Soon, the Hospital Matron came around to inform me that the surgery had been scheduled for the next day. She reassured me that I’ll be fine.

I couldn’t sleep all through the night because of the severe pain. I couldn’t eat as well. The next day, the Matron came around and informed me they’ll be referring me to Kupa Medical Center on Airport Road for better treatment and care. She asked that I get going immediately to avoid the inflamed Appendix rupturing.

I, in company of my friend and Team Lead, left for the new hospital. All through the ride, the pains kept becoming more and more severing. Apparently, the inflamed appendix had burst unknown to me.

We got to the hospital I was referred to and I was checked in. During the process of being checked in, my friend called Pastor Israel Dawodu and informed her of my condition. She asked to speak to me and she prayed for me. She prayed that the surgery which I had been scheduled for would be successful and that there would be no complications. I believed in my heart with a strong conviction.

By 6pm, I was wheeled into the Operating Theater. I was injected more than 6 times before the surgery commenced. I can’t recollect all that went on during the surgery but I spent about 2 hours in there.

To the glory of God, I was wheeled out of the Theater back to my ward where my friends and family had been waiting and praying for me. I was still feeling very faint. I couldn’t even speak but I could recognize everyone in the room.

From then on, I began to feel better and stronger. The pain started subsiding. As at the next day, I could eat and drink.Two days later, I could visit the bathroom to ease myself. Earlier, my friend was helping me convey my urine in a bowl to the bathroom every time I was pressed.

I stayed in the hospital for a week and my condition improved greatly. The Doctor asked that I be on medical leave for the next 3 weeks to enable me recuperate properly. I resumed work in the second week of March to a shocker. I was interviewed for the role of Team Lead that same day and promoted the next day.

I’m grateful to God for not letting the enemy throw my family into mourning. I’m appreciating God for my new lease of life and this miraculous promotion at work. To God be all the Glory and Adoration!


  • Oluwafemi F.
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