Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba (DRUG UNIT)

Need For Maturity

Need For Maturity

Scriptural Text

Hebrews 6: 1-6


When things seem to be silent, God is working on your case. Any situation we are going through, God is right there to comfort His people.

Even unbelieving people that are in the world, when they call upon the name of Jesus, He still answers them. We must put our trust in Him. When we fail to trust in Him, the arm of the flesh will fail us.

Do not focus on the things you are looking forward to from God, but reflect on what He has done for you.

When doubt crosses your mind, it is not a sin. It becomes a sin when you begin to meditate on it. The fact that God has spared your life, you have no reason to doubt God because there is nothing impossible with God.

Your feeling can deceive you when you give in to it. When you doubt, you become weak in your body. Doubt is darkness, unbelief is also darkness. When you doubt, do not remain in it, quickly move on from there. Doubt can lead to unbelief and then hardness of heart.

There is no one that is 100% safe from the attack of the devil. When you start doubting and do not quickly check it, it will lead to fear. You will also start becoming suspicious of everyone and things around you. Your mind becomes unstable and you cannot receive anything from God.

Doubt is an attack on your mind. If you do not remain there, the devil is defeated.

You can shut the mouth of the devil by trusting God even if you have not seen what you want from God.

Keep a positive open mind as you trust God. It is only when there is joy in your heart that you can give thanks. When you are not giving thanks, you are complaining.

Willful sinning is knowingly and consciously committing sin. To despise someone is to look down on them. The Israelites despised Jesus. They never knew that their salvation will come from Him.

When the love of God compels you, you will come to the level of those you want to save.

One characteristic of the kingdom of darkness is waiting and watching.

Do not turn away from Jesus. Everything you need is in His hands. Follow Jesus to the end. As you continue to endure, character will be formed in you. We learn obedience through suffering.

You must deliberately avoid sin. Your angel will help you. When you are busy using your gift for God, the devil will get tired of you.



19 Patients were present in today’s fellowship.



  1. Bro Adeyinka asked God to grant him sound health and marital partner.
  2. A Sister wants God to discharge her at the right time.
  3. Aunty wants God to perfect her sight.



Most of the patients have been discharged from the hospital and some are on weekend parole. The patients left are those that have been admitted for several years. Pastor interviewed them briefly and it was discovered that some have been admitted for up to 25 years. Below is a list of those that have been abandoned as a result of their long stay in the hospital.

  1. Bro Osho has been admitted in the hospital since 1997 up till date and has been admitted for 14 years.
  2. Bro Joshua has been admitted since 1989 up till date and has spent 25 years.
  3. Bro Nwuze has spent 7 years in the hospital.
  4. Sis Grace has been admitted since 1996. She is 53 years old. She has been to 7 different Psychiatric Hospitals, Aro, a Celestial Church, Yaba (twice), Oshodi (twice).
  5. Sis Iyabo has spent 10 years.
  6. Bro Kunle has spent 21 years. He was admitted since 1993 up till date.
  7. Bro Kenneth was admitted since he was 14 years old.
  8. Bro Chigozie has been admitted twice into the hospital.
  9. Bro Olayinka has been admitted for 2 months.
  10. Bro Adeyinka has been admitted twice into the hospital.
  11. A brother has been admitted for 7 weeks.

P.S : These observations were made in 2011.



  • Aunty Olu testified to the glory of God for restoring her sight. She could not read her bible at all but when Pastor prayed for her a few weeks ago, she is now able to read her bible clearly. Glory be to God!


We give God all the glory of the success of today’s outreach. God did many wonders in our midst because everyone was filled with joy. Glory be to God!

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