Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba (DRUG UNIT)

Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal

Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal

Scriptural Text

2 Cor 10: 3-6


God can restore the lost glory.

We live in our bodies. The body is a house that covers your spirit and soul. When Jesus comes back, He will give us a glorious body. The new body cannot be sick or tired.

No matter how long you live on this earth, it is nothing compared to eternity. There are two eternities. Eternal life and Eternal condemnation. Eternal condemnation is a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. Eternal life is eternity with Jesus Christ.

Eternity is life without end. Whatever you do now in this life will determine where you will spend eternity. Eternal life is the life we receive through Jesus Christ when we surrender our lives to Him.

Any spirit that does not glorify Jesus Christ is the voice of the antichrist. It is the spirit that points away from Jesus Christ to itself.

If you are sick, do not turn away from Jesus Christ. Anytime you sin, repent. God is willing to forgive you several times in a day and forget, no matter how big that sin is. When you repent of your sins, the devil will be helpless. Always resist him and he will flee from you. Even when you do not understand what is happening in your life, still ask for the mercy of God. You will feel the joy and peace of God in your heart.

You are all children of God. You are blameless before God. You belong to Jesus and not the devil.

Evil thought does not make you the child of the devil. They can be rebuked. You are holy and not condemned through the blood of Jesus.

These evil thoughts are arrows from the kingdom of darkness shot by the devil into your mind. Sometimes, you may feel dirty but quickly plead the Blood of Jesus and all the noises will cease. God speaks with a still small voice.

The devil does not want you to smile one day in your life. Always stand your ground against these evil thoughts by speaking the word of God and pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ.

The strongholds of Satan will be destroyed in your lives today in Jesus name.

Anything that sets itself against the knowledge of Jesus Christ, high and lofty spirits are deceiving spirits.

God will avenge every disobedience against your life, but your obedience must be complete. Sitting down to listen to this word of God is obedience to Jesus Christ.

Do not ever think end has come or you will not amount to anything. You have a hope and a great future. Continue to dwell in the presence of God in this hospital and His pinions will cover and protect you. Anything the devil is doing has expiry date and one day, all his evil plans will come to an end.



12 patients were present in today’s fellowship.


Pastor prophesied that Angels should bring a brother that always sitting at a distance during the fellowship trying to participate. This brother has been doing that for quite some time now but today, Pastor fixed her attention on him because he was sitting under a tree opposite the gathering and immediately, he got up and went into the ward. As he was going, Pastor made that prophesy and within minutes, the Angels brought him to sit in our gathering. Glory to God! We got to know his name is Brother Chima.

We give praise and glory to God for the success of today’s outreach. God did wonders in the lives of everyone present in the fellowship. Glory be to God! Halleluyah!

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